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Direct Shopping Network Reviews

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  • Fed up with the lies

    On may 21 I ordered a pair of tanzanite earrings,was promised I would have them by June 7th bday...followed up 2times said they were backlogged so in July I finally canceled the order and in august They sent them to me even though order was canceled and I was charged. I sent them back they received them and have been calling everyday...left 8 messages for Tina in customer service...never returned one call all the reps I have talked with are appalled and can't believe I have received my refund. Jose I speak to on a regular basis we have spent over $5000 with them and I will make sure... More...
    Twnty4krat's Picture   Twnty4krat    2 Comments   Comments
  • Bye Bye DSN!

    I purchased two rings from Direct Shopping Network. They never shipped them. After many calls to their so-called Customer Service (Many hours on hold) I called my credit card company and reported DSN to the fraud department. I received a full refund including the interest. I also spoke to Direct TV and informed them of DSN's discraceful business practices. Direct TV removed Direct Shopping Network from their programming. That accounts for one half of DSN's viewing audiance. Yea!!!! I highly suggest that everyone should avoid purchasing any jewerly from Direct Shopping... More...
    (Cable TV)
    William129's Picture   William129    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dns is a rip-off

    I ordered some mandarin garnets in august, the company charged my card immediatly yet the stones still have not been sent and it is october 24. I talked 2 a rep on sept 16 . She informed me that the stones would shipped on the 23 of sept. As i stated before i still havent recieved the stones or a refund. I have recived the run around and alot of excuses! This is not how reputable companies do business,oviously they r having cash flow problems,and now there brodcast has been preempted and not on air. I am wondering if they r out of business or got kicked off air the r out of... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    chip0129's Picture   chip0129    0 Comments   Comments

    I ordered an item from DSN on 07/04/11 in the amount of $131.95. The order never arrived. I cancelled the order on 08/15/11 after having been given so many lame excuses and requested a FULL REFUND. I have spent many hours holding on the phone for Customer "NO" Service and sent so many emails, none of which were answered. It now 09/29/11 and I still have NO REFUND. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!! More...
    MUGSY's Picture   MUGSY    0 Comments   Comments
  • just not right

    I purchased a diamond opal ring on july 12 for a bday present for my fiance who`s bday is on Aug 18th(thought that would be ample time for the ring to arrive on time).I purchased another ring on july 15th as well.I called near her bday to see where my ring was and found out that neither had been been sent out yet.after a no show for either ring in over a months time i called multiple times of which each time im on hold for over an hour just to speak to a rep.The reps are all very nice but they couldn`t get anything done for me because of they are as powerless as I. on aug31st. I cancelled... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    cc0509's Picture   cc0509    0 Comments   Comments
  • Watch out review

    I ordered some loose diamonds late Feb 2011 to Early March 2011. They took the money out of my bank on 3-14-11. I have never received them. Each time I call I'm told either they will put a rush on it or I should get them next week. Today is 6-13-11 and still no diamonds. My last call to them they stated should have by the end of the week. I'm tired of waiting. I filed a complaint with the California Attorney's General's office and I called my bank. The bank is going to process my claim, put a temporary refund into my account and contact DSN to refund the money.... More...
    Kikimine's Picture   Kikimine    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rip Off

    I ordered a pair of tanzanite earrings, block D, from DSN. I was charged the next day. I called repeatedly as I had not received the earrings. After two months, I called to cancel the order. They apologized and said they had not been shipped out yet and I would be credited. Five days later, I received the earrings, but no credit. While waiting for the earrings, I ordered a ring. I called the next day to cancel the ring. I got my credit card bill the next month and the charge for the ring was on there. I called them and told them if the charge was NOT off my account in five days I... More...
    stelli's Picture   stelli    1 Comments   Comments
  • HSN order review

    I ordered a spinel braclett back in Oct 2010, was charged the next day for the item. As of today still no braclett. There has been some other items that was ordered in Nov and still nothing. I was told today that there is a good chance that all my items will PROBABLY NOT be here for x-mas, What a joke. The guy in customer service said that he hates to even answer the phone. Even tho ever night at the beginning of the show the anounce that it is promised to arrive before x-mas. I sure wouldn't want to be in Art's shoes. More...
    prettybird's Picture   prettybird    1 Comments   Comments

    ordered diamond earrings on 08/18/2010. Credit card was charged $898.00 on 09/30/2010 after many excuses from DSN I cancelled the order. They refuse to refund my money or provide anything in writing; no email, no fax, no invoice showing they never shipped, but charged. On 10/08/2010 they shipped the earrings first class mail with delivery confirmation - no signature required. Now I can't refuse them and if I send them back they will claim something is wrong and try to wihthold my refund. My credit card company says it all depends on proof they receive the item back, but they lie!... More...
    (Cable TV)
    92071angry's Picture   92071angry    5 Comments   Comments
  • DSN has become

    I purchased a couple of jewelry items from DSN last year or thereabouts. The items took about a month to arrive but were good values for the money and it's unusual to be able to order custom items in rose gold. Unfortunately, the service and quality took a nose dive this year. I have ordered single gemstones and for whatever reason the transactions are slow and what they send out is absolute rubbish, crap, totally trash. I'm really shocked and surprised because the other items were stones that were cut well and had good color. What they're sending and how they're... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    SparkleMeThis's Picture   SparkleMeThis    0 Comments   Comments
  • poor quality poor return policy

    I ordered a ring in Sept 2009. It took about 5 weeks to get it. The 14k gold mounting was very thin, the 1.15 of diamonds was more like maybe 50 points. When I returned it Nov 11th, that is when I found out it would be 45 days to get my money back. They also take 10 percent of the purchase price. I shouldn't get docked money because there product was inferior. On the air they do not tell you any of this. Other shopping channels get your product out in a week and you have your money back if your not satisfied with in a week of mailing it back with their shipping label. So I paid $700... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    jasmine1's Picture   jasmine1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Rip Off - Should Be Investigated

    DSN should be taken off the air. DO not purchase jewelry from this company. I ordered a sapphire ring which was not the same ring shown in the broadcast. The diamonds surrounding the sapphire look grey and are highly included. Also you will be billed before an item is shipped. I ordered one other item which will not ship for 6 weeks from the date of my order yet my credit card has already been billed for this item. This company should be shut down. I intend to complain to the appropriate State departments and urge others who have had similar bad experiences with this company to... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    dsoleil's Picture   dsoleil    7 Comments   Comments
  • Direct Shopping Network is...

    Direct Shopping Network is carried by local cable companies also Direct TV and sattle light dish. I have bought jewelry from them for about 7 months and have found them to be intermittently bad about sending you the item you have bought. They subsitute item of lesser value. Twice I have had earring tags on rings. I have called and complained but get no satisfaction. It takes them weeks to send an item that you have paid for. At times I have waited up to six weeks and then got an inferior product. I am not doing business with this company again. I hope when this complaint is read people... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Maria's Picture   Maria    2 Comments   Comments


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